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So since it is Masa’s bday today, here is an mp3 cut of his duet with Bachon in their jazz stageplay Spinning Box. Song’s name is Mother Sky originally sung by Nakajima Takui, one of Masa’s favorite singers apparently. Happy birthday, Masa. Keep smiling.

Disclaimer: Okay I do not own the video where I cut the song from. I only put together the parts and made them into an mp3 for sharing purposes only :)


【チラ見せ】カバディーン!!!!!!!~激突・怒黒高校篇~ 劇中の渡辺大輔さん演じる伏見が、夜遅く机に向かっているシーンです。 伏見はなぜこんなにも神妙な面持ちなのでしょうか・・・ これからも少しずつチラ見せしていきますよ~!!
***( ❤ - ❤) シ大ーーーいぁぁぁ~

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